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Policies & Guidelines

Dress Code

It is an essential part of classical ballet to come dressed the part and little dancers love it! Required dance wear and shoes must be worn to all classes. Leotard (of any color), tights or leggings and pink canvas or leather ballet shoes are suitable for Pre Ballet. Simple skirts are okay however tutus are not allowed as they are often to distracting to little ones. Beginning Ballet’s and Advanced Beginning/ Intermediate Ballet’s dress code includes a black leotard of any style, pink tights and pink leather/canvas ballet shoes and short ballet skirts of any color ( leg warmers, sweaters and leggings are find for colder weather.) Black leggings/sweats, white T-shirts and black ballet shoes for boys. Dress comfortably for Lyrical Jazz/Ballet Fusion. Jazz/ ballet shoes or bare feet are permitted. You can find leotards online for a very reasonable price. Formfitting but comfortable is what we are going for! Ballet shoes made of canvas or leather are best. The fabric ballet slippers tend to slip off to easily and are unsafe for young dancers. McCaulou’s Kids (201 W Napa St (next to Whole Foods) has ballet section. You can also get them online @ (for small discount - use my teacher ID - TP106057) and Amazon. Ask around; parents are always getting rid of outgrown ballet shoes! We gladly accept donations of shoes as well. Please keep long hair secured and up and away from the face. No distracting jewelry.


Punctuality and Attendance:

Students must arrive on time for class. Warm up is a vital part of class to prevent injury and to make sure that dancer’s bodies and minds are ready for movement. We do provide the availability to drop in but keep in mind your child will make the most progress that can only be made with regular attendance.


Parent  Viewing  Opportunities:

We understand that very young dancers can be shy and nervous at the beginning so if parents wish to observe class, they may peek in from outside the door however it is best for the student and teachers to interact alone eventually to encourage independence and focus. Please refrain from talking on cell phones or talking loudly right outside the classroom. PLEASE DO NOT CO TEACH.


May 2020 Rectial : 

A small performance at the end of all the classes is a very exciting part of the ballet experience for dancers and parents alike. Please sign registration sheet if you are interested in participating in the recital (May Date TBA) There will be a separate costume fee ($50.00) and the dancers may keep and take home after the performance.

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